My Path -
Entrepreneurial Journey 


A business management program that targets existing company owners

Owning a company can be a very lonely task...but you are not alone! 

This is the unique annual program that targets to add know-how for company owners who already have an active company, but feel that they are lacking the fundamental know-how to lead their business in the right way.

You may have a brilliant marketing background…but you still need to have an important knowledge in finance, legal, sales, and other critical elements that are mandatory for your business performance.

This unique program targets to:

1. Support company owners on their path, creating their entrepreneurial journey and making it a successful one;

2. Provide advanced tools from all the required business domains;

3. Starting from zero - but not for ‘start-ups’ - we understand that your company has other needs and you are not a startup anymore!

4. Creating a safe ground for sharing our challenges and brainstorming for solutions.

Program Manager 

Osnat Peled - BWFNL founder


Osnat Peled is a real soul-driven entrepreneur, with 20 years of practical business experience via several companies that she has owned & managed successfully during the years.

She currently serves as the Managing Partner at EVO MCBA, a multinational social media tech/digital marketing company, and as a board member at Mentor Capital & Business Advisory Ltd. 

Why should I join? 

  • To increase knowledge and optimize my business skills; 

  • To learn directly from successful entrepreneurs; 

  • To have a chance to ask direct questions that nobody else can answer; 

  • To meet like-minded company owners businesswomen; 

  • To be a part of a great networking circle.