Lean in Circles is a tailor-made peer-to-peer empowering program, having a supportive group working frame, that was successfully implemented within Vodafone in other countries.

It is a joint-venture program, being inspired, designed, and based on the lean in global initiative, that encourages women to pursue their ambitions, moving the conversation from what a person cannot do, to what they can do.

Organized in 8 meetings (circles) and structured into monthly meetings series, the program encourages the development of non-technical (soft) skills, supporting each participant to evolve at their own pace and addresses topics such as those related to strengths and unidentified capabilities, personal branding, the balance between personal and professional life and adaptability.

The circles consist of small groups of women who meet regularly, in order to learn new skills, network, and encourage each other.

“What would you do if you weren't afraid?” ...

- Sheryl Sandberg (FOUNDER OF LEAN IN)

The Lean In Circles targets are:

  • Creating a supportive closed group, for a period of 3 months, where every woman can share her thoughts, feelings and advise other women to tackle different work-life situations; 


  • Stimulating and encouraging each participant’s personal growth;

  • Developing skills, values, and ideas that trigger growth on all levels. 

Lean In Circles values: 

We experience important values that we will be upheld in every circle:

1. Sharing - encouraging every participant to share her ideas, challenges and remain open to hear other participants’ feedback;


2. Positivity - keeping a positive atmosphere that allows the participants to open up and share their ideas; 

3.  Ideas - every idea is important and can stimulate others’ creativity, inside the circle;

4. Fun - we encounter fun and practical experiences as key factors for the success of the circles and the learning process; 

5. Trust - confidentiality, and trust will be kept both by the coach and by all the other participants in the circles.

Why should I join?

  • To increase knowledge and optimize my non-technical (soft) skills;  

  • To become bold & confident, to vocalize my worth & set myself up for the opportunities;

  • To be my authentic self & enable others to work with their best strengths as individuals;  

  • To use my expertise & experiences to help others to lean into their careers & to my own career development; 

  • To be able to share openly in a safe & confidential space & get support; 

  • To be part of a great circle.