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BWFNL is launching the leadership program. We will manage a one-year-long practical program, aiming to build capability and skills for emerging and aspiring female leaders across all sectors and industries in the Netherlands. 

This is a women's leadership program open to women business owners. Our goal is to support, guide, inform, and propel you to become the best leader you can be.


As a part of the program, you’ll receive exceptional leadership training, advice, and support from nationally and internationally recognized leaders, originating from prestigious companies and from the academic world.

The program has been divided into two segments:
1. a 9-month theoretical part and
2. a 3-month practice period.

This very practical program - including case studies and real examples - will assist you to increase your skills and knowledge, enhance your understanding of effective leadership and engage you in a powerful, peer-oriented, shared learning experience.


BWFNL's women leadership program will instill greater confidence, improve your communication skills, influence your abilities, and innate the right leadership voice, enabling you to thrive in any business environment as a leader and a woman.

Through experiential learning, grounded in your own professional context, you will learn powerful new techniques.

Why should I enroll? 

  • To increase knowledge and optimize skills; 

  • To meet top-level leaders and businesswomen; 

  • To be a part of a premium networking circle; 

  • To have the privilege to be a mentor; 

  • To be promoted within the business community. 

Leadership Program Curriculum

8 modules, 10 workshops, and a 3-month NGO/ Startups  mentoring period: 

Module 1: Becoming Centered Leaders

Workshop 1: Lead self

Module 1: Becoming Centered Leaders

Workshop 2: Lead others


Module 2: Communicate with power and impact

Workshop 3: Good leaders are good communicators


Module 3: Resilience and Mindfulness

Workshop 4: Learn how to grow and adapt; Build resilience in your team and

manage challenging situations more effectively


Module 4: Negotiating: the key to success

Workshop 5: Enhance your confidence and improve your negotiation skills


Module 5: Crisis & Change Management – a business reality

Workshop 6 - Crisis & Change management


Module 1: Become centered leaders (mentoring & storytelling)

Workshop 7 - A leader has always followers


Module 2: Communicate with power and impact

Workshop 8 - Communication with the Board


Module 6: My leadership journey/ Closing Event

Workshop 9: Leadership experience shared

Module 7: Pass it over - Be a Mentor

Module 8: Being a mentor, being a leader - Let's wrap it meeting!

A Festive graduation event with BWFNL members!


Florentina Dosan

Florentina Dosan

Executive Housekeeper

"Attending meetings of this group helped me understand that the fears, blockages, worries, aspirations, difficulties I have encountered over the time are not just mine, there are many other women like me, but only staying together and walking in the same direction, we can find solutions to solve the difficulties encountered along the way. Leadership is not just about inspiring others, but especially about learning from others. When working with good intentions and in good collaboration, all the difficulties are easier to pass, because where the team is united, the goal is easier to be reached." 

Corina Agarici

Corina Agarici

Delivery Manager for Compliance 

"It was such an amazing experience. I found this journey to be motivational, inspirational. The benefits to me are the content, valuable new contacts, each a sphere of knowledge in her domain, eye-opening and great presentations. You brought different women together in a safe space, gave us the chance to boost confidence in our roles, and to help each other as  an inspirational source to grow." 

Adriana Preda

Adriana Preda

Executive Director

"Enrolling in the leadership program was a decisive moment for me. This learning program developed me both in my personal and professional future and I have the feeling of belonging in such a great community. I was amazed by the quality of the curriculum, by the extremely high level of professionalism of the speakers and of course, by the dedication and passion of the team in their journey to bring love, change, and faith.   

I am deeply grateful for having this opportunity and getting to know so many valuable people. This was truly an amazing experience." 

Basav  photo.jpg

Basav Ray Chaudhuri

Coach, Leadership Development & Organizational Transformation

"The idea of a leadership development program is timely and very useful and I was honored to be asked to contribute to the process by facilitating one of the workshops. During the workshop, I found the audience sharp, engaged, and willing to challenge while at the same time being very receptive to new ideas. The plan to disseminate the learning from the workshop series to the broader membership by the attendees makes it a very credible and powerful program indeed. It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with this wonderful organization."

Monica Platon

Monica Platon

Senior manager software company 

​"I am proud to have been part of the first series of the leadership program. I'm glad I was able to participate in all the modules because every speaker in the program was special, each meeting was an opportunity to discover something new on the journey to become a better professional and especially a better human. The organizing of this program was excellent.

Many thanks for selecting me for this program, thank you, speakers, for the wonderful experiences, and last but not least, many thanks to the colleagues with whom I shared life stories and professional experiences - it was a delight to meet you."

Raluca Culda.jpeg

Raluca Culda

Owner HR company

"I enrolled in the leadership program when I was looking for a business program that would help me get ahead in my business. I’ve started my own company 2 years before and I reached one of those growth ceiling entrepreneurs have in their career.

What I found in the program was much more than expected. The mentors, business owners, trainers, and program colleagues I’ve met during the 9 months workshops were of the highest quality a young entrepreneur could wish to have and learn from. I attended every workshop with an open heart and mind, and I am very grateful for the opportunity." 

Anca Dumitrescu, Presedinte ATCA.jpg

Anca Dumitrescu

NGO President; Mentee - Mentoring Program 2018

"I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the mentoring program. In the last 3 months, I gained abilities that already show their results within my NGO. I know now that organizations that invest in leadership development perform better than those who don’t. You never know what you might learn about yourself or your ”business” until you get away from it. New perspectives are priceless! I just applied for the new leadership program, and I hope I will be accepted."

Rodica Gheorghita

Rodica Gheorghita

Branch Manager 

"Participating in the leadership program allowed me to experience the atmosphere of excellent presenters, I could feel the interaction, exchange of ideas, and experience with other participants from different industries. I managed to understand more about myself, identified my strengths and weaknesses, and learned how to be more adaptable. It helped me to have a better perspective of my company and even more important to have a better understanding of my clients. Some modules have changed my perception of the business world and some allowed me to expand and gave structure to my previous knowledge and experience. I feel fully confident to honestly recommend this leadership program."

Cora Florea

Cora Florea

Supply Chain Manager

"Being part of the leadership program brought a lot of inspiration. Each and every facilitator was speaking both from the mind and from the heart and I believe that this is what makes this program so special. The inspiration I got is not only for professional life, but also on a personal level. I read a lot of wonderful books recommended by the speakers, in order to complete the education. The mentorship which is at the end of the program brought a challenge, being the first time I am doing this, I hope it will be a success. I strongly recommend this program."  

Elena Badea.jpg

Elena Badea

Managing Director/ Speaker in the Leadership Program 2017-2018

​"For me, it has been a privilege to be invited to speak at this leadership program. My values are Leadership, Learning, Passion. That is why I totally resonate with this initiative of a handful of courageous women determined to raise the leadership profile of women entrepreneurs. The high quality of the speakers invited, the diversity of their business experience, and backgrounds gives a lot of edge to this program. I have talked to the participants and noticed that they felt enriched and transformed by this experience. It is so important that this leadership program will continue to bring value and inspiration to many other businesswomen." 

Mihaela Tudor

Mihaela Tudor

Company owner

​"I’ve been an entrepreneur for 6 years. My biggest challenge was not finding clients and growing my business and my brand. No. It was to managing my colleagues, my partners, better. To become a better leader. Because people are the most important asset. When I’ve heard about the program, I’ve jumped into the occasion because I trust Osnat. And I was not wrong. An amazing journey, amazing ladies. The program helped me to trust even more my instincts, to focus on the personal interaction between the members of the team and me and to learn when to let go and where to set boundaries." 

Mihaela Iorga_Photo.jpg

Mihaela Iorga

HR Project Manager 

"Enrolling in the program was the best professional decision that I took in 2017. Through the program, I have interacted with so many great professionals from the speakers to the participants and the program team. I have met so many great ladies in this year that impressed and touched me with their will and desire to improve themselves. Participating in the monthly workshops was like a breath of fresh air. I strongly recommend it to any professional who is looking to learn, expand her social network and see the power women have whenever they are all driven by the same goal and have the support of a community."

Delia Daniu.jpg

Delia Daniu

Company owner

"Being a part of this leadership program was a great experience for me, bringing lots of insights both in the business and also personal development. Having the opportunity to meet great speakers and learning from their vast experience was a great plus, especially that they were very open to answering very specific questions, to each and one of us. Clear methods, great examples from experience (not only theory), and awesome people!" 

Cristina Moraru

Cristina Moraru

Company owner

"A meaningful and revealing journey. These words capture the essence of what I learned and felt about me and my business during these months. I have learned that doing passionately, responsibly, with vision and creativity what you like is called entrepreneurial leadership. I learned that fighting for the things I care about and love made me wiser and open-minded and helped me in managing people and situations. I accepted that being a hardworking, fast learner, a challenging lover is a good thing and defines in what way and how I respond to daily challenges."