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Dream, Dare & Focus!

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An inspirational workshop, held by the leading motivational keynote speaker Osnat Peled, will trigger leadership, the entrepreneurial 

mindset and a sparkle of extra motivation to dare, dream, and focus!


100% of the fee will be donated for BWFNL (non-profit)

Osnat Peled 

  • 20 years of practical entrepreneurial and managerial experience; 

  • Working with hundreds of companies and assuring their path to success; 

  • Relocated to Romania in 2005 and in 2020 to the Netherlands; 

  • Results-oriented, carrying her own entrepreneurial portfolio of companies; 

  • Community developer, currently serving as the president of Business Women Forum Romania (5000 members) and Business Women Forum Netherlands; 

  • Awarded with several special prizes including Top businesswoman of the year (2018) and special contribute as an expat businesswoman in Romania (2019). 

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How to build a successful community? 



Female Leadership

“If you wanna shoot, HUG!”

Building a successful community -
you can do it! (car)

“At first it was for myself, now it is bigger than me“, the story of the largest business association in Romania – Business Women Forum Romania, counting more than 5000 active female members aiming to share know-how, inspire each other and encourage mutual growth. 

During this inspirational speech, Osnat Peled will share the inspirational story of her CSR communities  from the basics:

  • From a dream to a community; 

  • Developing your plan with focus and clarity; 

  • How to find supporters and create a fan base to join your journey; 

  • How to develop a successful CSR project; 

  • It's a story of entrepreneurial ideals, active leadership, CSR goals, great people, and an amazing community - all targeting the same goal – inspire us and be inspired!

100% of the fee will be donated to BWFNL (non-profit)

Female Leadership

“If you wanna shoot, HUG!”

The entrepreneurial journey of Osnat was a fascinating one, starting 20 years ago in Israel, relocating to the EU, developing her companies (a part of MCBA investment group) till becoming a top businesswoman in the businesswomen community as a role model and as president of Business Women Forum Romania / NL, while also inspiring and leading the only academy for female leaders – the female leadership program (running for the 3rd year already!)​

During this inspirational speech, Osnat Peled will share top practical guidelines for becoming a role model in the entrepreneurial and business community:

  • How to develop your leader persona; 

  • A woman in a black suit and a red lipstick  - can this work?

  • Keeping up with your values and principles; 

  • Lean In  - how women can help each other on their way to success. 

It is a story of a true leader sharing her passion with thousands of women in Romania, driving them to achieve their own success. 

100% of the fee will be donated to BWFNL non-profit)

Dare to dream

  • How to find the courage to start with new ideas and push them to the highest level of success?

  • What does it take to become a successful entrepreneur?

  • Where can you find the power to start?

  • How to handle toxic thoughts/ people who set you down in your path?

In this interactive workshop, Osnat Peled will share valuable keys to success, that every entrepreneur or person with an entrepreneurial mindset needs to know.


100% of the fee will be donated to BWFNL (non-profit)